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Dental Implants

Todays Solution to an age old problem.

Dental Implants are one of the most exciting developments ever made in dentistry.  Throughout history people have lost teeth and we have been challenged to replace them with new teeth that provide a naturally beautiful smile, the ability to chew food and allow you to be as comfortable and confident as anyone with normal healthy teeth.  If you have lost teeth and struggle with replacement teeth that move when you eat or speak, dental implants are the solution.

Dental Implants are replacements for lost or failing teeth and have been developed to mimic nature itself.   Implants are very much like the natural roots of teeth, allowing for strong anchorage in bone just like real teeth providing many of the advantages that real teeth have over traditional “false teeth” and without some of the disadvantages natural teeth have such as susceptibility to dental decay.

How Implants can be used

Dental Implants can be used to replace anywhere form just one missing tooth to as many as all teeth being lost.

If there is one just one missing tooth the implant replaces the root of that tooth so that a crown can be attached to match the nearby teeth.

 When multiple teeth are missing, either one implant or crown can be used to replace each tooth or an implant “bridge” can be used.  This is similar to a bridge on natural teeth except implants are used.  Here you can see how just two implants can support the replacement of four missing teeth.

If all teeth are missing, again implants can be used to support teeth that are either removable or fixed so the teeth are non removable and act as real teeth do.

An overdenture is similar to a conventional removable denture but snaps on to implants to provide stability and support when chewing.

It is not necessary to place an implant for each tooth lost when using an implant bridge.

Dental Implant Advantages:

-        Teeth do not move when eating or speaking- you can be confident in everyday activities!

-        Nearby teeth not involved when replacing missing teeth.

-        No decay possible in the titanium and ceramic materials used, unlike natural teeth.

-        Allows you to chew with similar chewing force as natural teeth ( not possible with dentures).

-        Presence of dental implant keeps surrounding bone from shrinking away due to lack of stimulation as happens when teeth are lost and replaced by a denture.


Dental Implant Disadvantages:

-        Cost- but this is an investment that pays with less in maintenance costs in the future compared to other solutions to missing teeth!

-        If significant bone loss has occurred grafting may be needed to get volume of bone to restore natural appearance ( important in smiles when front teeth lost especially) but the presence of the implants means you will not lose that bone again.

-         more time is required to complete- it may take up to 4 months for the implants to "integrate" ie. the bone grows around the implants so they are solid and can support chewing.


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