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Are Dental Implants for you?


What are dental implants?

Implant, is a word that is used quite often in medicine and conjures up lots of images in the average persons mind. Now it is being used in an exciting part of dentistry. So, what are implants? Basically, implants are artificial tooth roots. That's it! Whether you are missing one, many or all of your teeth dental implants are a way to give you back the ability to eat and speak with confidence. You can smile knowing that you teeth not only feel comfortable but look great too.

dental implant with a new crownCan you tell how many implants are here? Ok, only one. Terri had a root canal tooth that fractured and needed to be romoved. As you might guess she was thrilled with the natural result. It looks better that her tooth did before and feels like her own tooth. No other tooth had to be touched. So now I'll tell you, it is the center tooth. Have a look below at the old tooth that we replaced with this dental implant and crown. We also whitened Terri's teeth a bit too.Old crown, the underlying tooth fractured and had to be removed








Stuart had to lose the obviously discoloured tooth in the first image so we replaced that tooth with an implant and a porcelain veneer on the tooth to the right of it.