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"Great things start with a smile!" Dr Rosenblat

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When smiles really matter....

before Veneer TreatmentThis past summer a patient of mine was getting married.  And as the bride to be, it was of course important that everything go perfectly on one of the most important days of her life.  Everyone remembers their wedding day and the photographs taken that day will be cherished forever.  And so it was, that she sent her fiance Martin to see me.  Martin is a great fellow with a great smile, except for one, old composite filling, right up front and center.   We needed to correct this before the big day! 



after one Porcelain VeneerOften when porcelain veneers are made for patients we like to do them in pairs or combinations of pairs to get the colour to match.  Martins teeth are great and I didn't want to touch anything except the tooth that needed improvement.  Doing one single veneer has got to be one of the toughest esthetic challenges a dentist can face.  With the help of a custom colouring by my dental ceramist we were able to provide Martin and his bride with a smile he and his fiance loved.  A smile that will live on forever in their wedding album. 

This seamingly simple cosmetic case was one of my favorite ones, treated right here in my Oakville / Burlington dental practice.