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Dentures you can forget about!

Many people have no teeth.  Even in the twenty first century this is unfortunately still true.  As many people have learned first hand trying to eat with no teeth is difficult to say the least.  Of course if you have no teeth you don't like to smile either.  Conventional dentures that have been used for centuries generally fit poorly and move around in the mouth and often cause embarrassment for the wearer.  I'm sure everyone has met people who cover their mouth with their hand when they laugh or smile.  Loose or ill fitting dentures are often the culprit.  For us dentists, it has historically been quite the challenge to make dentures for people that are comfortable, look natural and most difficult of all, stay in place during speaking and eating.  Now, often we have been able to make upper dentures that can meet these requirements because the roof of the mouth can offer some support.  But many times dentures made to replace the bottom teeth are not worn as they are uncomfortable and move around.  There is only a small "U" shaped area for a lower denture to sit on.  We depend on patients learning to use their tongue to help hold that thing down.  Dental Implants Oakville Dr Steven Rosenblat

So where am I going with this?  Today I finished making  upper and lower dentures for a lovely 81 year old named Evelyn.  She understood that there was no way I could make a denture to replace her lower teeth that she could keep in her mouth, let alone chew with.  She agreed to have me make a denture supported by dental implants.  So a few months ago Evelyn had 4 implants place in her lower jaw.  Using the latest Cad-Cam computer technologies a  custom  made bar was attached to the implants (and visible in her mouth) permenantely.   I made her lower dentures that snapped on to that bar.  Not only does that denture stay in place, because I made her a bar, she can bite down with almost as much force as a person with real teeth.  Being able to chew food well allows Evelyn to have a better diet of healthier foods not avalible to her for many years.  And as you can see by her smile, she very happy, she can get on with what she wants to do and forget about her teeth!

cad cam denture design

the final bar attached to implants in the mouth. Dental Implants Oakville Dr Steven Rosenblat