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Why do my gums bleed?

Bleeding gums is a complaint we get quite often, so I thought that it may be a good time to talk about your gums.   While there are many reasons for gums or what we dentists call "gingiva" to bleed, the most common cause is people not cleaning their teeth (and gums) adequately.  Proper brushing and flossing will remove soft deposits on teeth called "dental plaque".  Plaque is a loaded with bacteria that will, if left on your teeth- cause cavities and irritate and inflame the gums.  This inflammation is called "gingivitis".  Your gums look red and puffy and bleed easily to touch.  That's why people often complain of bleeding when they brush their teeth.  Gradually, if left undesturbed the plaque hardens into a tartar we dentists call "calculus" (gee I found calculus hard in high school math too).  The gingivitis becomes an infection in the gums and bone around the teeth called "periodontitis".  Bleeding is common here too (often accompanied by pus). 

There are of cours some other reasons that your gums can bleed.  Using a hard toothbrush (I always recommend a soft one- it's all anyone needs) too vigorously and irritate your gums as can an ill fitting denture. These are tramatic reasons for bleeding gums.

Medical reasons come in to play as well.  Hormone changes such as pregnancy, often cause bleeding gums.  Blood disorders such as haemophelia and  vitamin deficiencies- K or C (scurvy that sailors had on sailing ships hundreds of years ago was a Vitamin C deficiency.).  Medications such as blood thinners taken for heart patients or even aspirin can cause gums to bleed too.  There are some serious medical conditions, Leukemia for example that can have bleeding gums as a symptom.

For routine gingivitis and periodontitis, good oral hygiene and diet are a must.  Mouthwashes containing alcohol and smoking irritate the gums - aggrevating the bleeding.  Keeping up with proper brushing will toughen up the gums and the bleeding will subside.  Of course professional dental care by a dentist is a must.  We need to diagnose the cause and help treat and prevent bleeding gums.