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Are Denture Adhesive Creams Safe?

Maybe.   These denture adhesives are regulated in Canada as medical devices.   They have chemical formulations that may contain Zinc as an ingredient.  Chronic ingestion of Zinc can lead to Copper deficiency and this in an “established and increasingly recognized cause of neurologic disease”, such as weakness and numbness or the extremities.  This is from the March 2010 issue of the Ontario Dentist Journal where it sites cases of patients that have experienced numbness and pain in extremities linked to excessive use of these adhesives and numerous references.

So why use them at all?  Well, for a person who has lost all their teeth, an initially well fitting denture will loosen over time as the bone and gums continually shrink due to lack of teeth.  The adhesives will provide some stability (and are messy to use).   But they can only provide temporary help and a refitted denture (relined or a new denture) is really needed to get the best fit.  Sometimes this is can be required fairly frequently.  Sometimes the bone shrinks away so much a regular denture cannot be made to be worn comfortably even with denture adhesive. 

Today the best way to avoid all of the problems associated with dentures and their stability and potential risks from denture adhesives is to have dental implants placed to hold a denture in place so that a person can chew with comfort and confidence.