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In the morning I often have sore jaws and sometimes a headache...

Headaches and muscle soreness are conditions that are often related to how your teeth and jaws work together.  85% of people show signs of tooth grinding (bruxism) or clenching.  These are non functional uses of your teeth and jaws (that overstress you chewing muscles) and often happen only at night.  In today’s world there is a great deal of stress and anxiety and this, as well as caffeine use and some medications can all lead to these destructive and painful muscle activities ( dentists call this ``parafunction`` ).  The result is tension, headaches and excessive wear and destruction of your teeth.  This may show up as flattening of your teeth or chipping as well as grooves or notches in the side of your teeth near the gums ( ``abfraction``).  

The most common way to treat muscle pain caused by clenching or grinding is to have a “nightguard” made.  This is a custom fitted acrylic appliance usually worn at night that takes the stress off your jaw joints and will safely prevent tooth wear.  There are different types of  Nightguards for different purposes and which one I recommend depends on a patient’s particular problem and tolerances.   They are designed specifically for the way your teeth fit together. 

Every persons teeth fit together and function in unique ways and this is why the simple grinding appliance available at drugstores cannot accomplish the same protection and pain relief. 

 I have found that this kind of conservative therapy has helped many of my patients reduce or eliminate their muscle and headache pain.