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But Dr. Oz said dental xrays are dangerous.....

Today I had an elderly woman come in for her routine "check up and cleaning".  When I came in to examine her mouth, Wendy, one of my dental hygienist told me that Mrs W. did not want to have dental xrays today.  It had been almost two years since she had her last set.  It wasn't just the amount of time that indicated to me she needed an "xray exam".  Last time we took xrays for Mrs W we found large, painless cavities that if not treated would certainly soon develop into painful and infected teeth.  As is common with advanced age, Mrs W isn't as good at brushing as she use to be and so she is also quite prone to tooth decay as well.  I asked her why she didn't want the xrays.  

She told me Dr Oz said they are bad for you and not to have them.  They aren't safe. 

Now I am not sure that is exactly what he said, but that is the message she took away form his show.  And that is the danger with medical shows.  Dr Oz is not a dentist nor a radiologist.  He covers lots of topics that are not in his speciality but people have a tendency to take for gospel the words of a "doctor" on TV.  TV doctors like Dr. Oz have others write up medical stories for them to present as the expert.  That's what Dr Oz does too.  He has never met Mrs W yet she is ready to take his advice.  It really concerns me that patients will follow the recommendations or warnings by someone they have never met with regard to their health and the need for treatment over their own doctor or dentist.  If someone does not trust the recommendations of their doctor or dentist, have a second opinion by all means.   But have that second opinion by a doctor or dentist whom you actually meet, examines you and understands your health concerns.  A TV doctor cannot give advice that addresses your specific concerns or conditions.  Besides, why are you seeing your doctor if you don't trust his or her recommendations?

This post isn't specifically about xray safety, but it is something we dentists take very seriously

I just can't resist also mentioning that Dr Oz has a tooth whitening recipie that supposedly saves you money.  It involves the use of Lemon juice.  Lemon juice is an acid.  It will damage your teeth as acids will soften and dissolve your teeth- wears away the enamel.  It also includes baking soda- this is an abrasive- will wear away the softened enamel very quickly if you brush with this.  Dr Oz is not an expert in this but he holds himself out to be one.  

He has really bad writers and researchers. 

BTW, after discussing the need for xrays, Mrs W had the images taken and I was pleased to be able to tell her there were no new cavities.  This really made her day!