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A day out of the office...

Being a Friday I bet quite a few of you think I'd be off enjoying the weekend.  Usually on Fridays I am at the office. I enjoy Fridays because they feel somehow more relaxed than other days of the week.  But this time of year quite a few Fridays are spent at courses as the "school year" comes to a close.  Two weeks ago was the last Toronto Crown and Bridge Study Club full day lecture ( 600 memebers!).  Today my team and I were in downtown Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre attending the annual Ontario Dental Association Spring conventionMetro Toronto Convention CentreThousands of dentists, hygienists, and office support staff attend.  We can attend lectures on different fields of dentistry ranging from dental implants to practice management.  There are so many good topics it is hard to decide what seminar to attend and they often run the whole day.  My team attended a great all day course on management and ensuring a great office experience  for our dental patients.

I attended a potpuri lecture on trouble shooting dental implants and treatment planning, when to save teeth and when to call it a day and replace a hopelessly damaged tooth with a dental implant. It was a unique seminar with an endodontist ( root canal specialist), periodontist (gum specialist), oral surgeon and a  prosthodontist ( specialist in reconstructive dentistry).  The tips they shared are invaluable and will be put to use immediately!  I'm going to have to download the audio recordings of the other great lectures I missed... I could only physically attend one.

The other thing I love about these conventions is bumping into friends and collegues I don't see often.  At one point during the lunch break I had a mini class reunion as a number of my classmates happened to unintentionally congregate at the same time. 

Next Friday?   I won't be at the office either.  The last lecture of the season for the Toronto Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is putting on their final seminar for the year.  They have arranged to bring in one of my favorite dental gurus to speak to us.  After that no more continuing education seminars until the fall when the new "school year" starts all over again.