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"White" Fillings....

 The most common restoration or "filling" that dentists do today is a composite resin.  Most non dentists call them "white fillings"  The science of white fillings has evolved over the past 25 years to the point that they are now the most common restoration we dentists place in teeth.  They are esthetic and durable.   White composite filling.While the old silver metal fillings depended on corrosion to be sealed into the tooth ( really, I'm not kidding...), white fillings are bonded chemically and micro mechanically to the structure of  the tooth itself.  This helps strengthen the tooth.   The technique for placing a white filling is much more exacting and sensitive to technical errors than an old fashioned silver amalgam filling but it has gotten easier over the years and we have learned how to do it correctly.  The technology of "white fillings" is still evolving.  I was just at a seminar this past Friday where the newest "Nano filled" white fillings and bonding systems were reviewed and I'm anxious to try the latest and greatest!

Large cavity restored with composite filling.