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Emergency dental care...

Teeth break at the most inopportune times.  Nobody plans to break a tooth and when they do, they really appreciate it when I can repair it right away.Emergency Dental Filling by Dr Steven Rosenblat Oakdale Dental

  Here is a very nice woman who recently became one of my patients.  We have been planning how to give her the smile she has always wanted when a tooth broke.  In the left photo you can see the center tooth lost a big chunk of tooth!  It's very obvious she needs lots of dental work but I need to keep her going until she is ready to have the crowns and implants she wants.  With the composite bonding available today I was able to build her a lifelike tooth ( see the picture on the right ) so she could chew confidently until we can go ahead with her crowns.  I made her day being able to repair this tooth in one quick visit.