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"Great things start with a smile!" Dr Rosenblat

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Bonding, Veneer or Crown?

There are so many ways dentistry can help improve your smile it can be confusing for the average patient to know what to ask for.  As a dentist I am obliged to offer all options and help guide my patients to the one that suits the patients needs the most.

The patient in the photo, I'll call her Jen, was really unhappy with the old filling on her front tooth.  It's quite obvious what she doesn't like. The filling on the front tooth was unsightly.  Jen wasn't interested in changing the shape or overall colour of the tooth.  Jen had hear of veneers and crowns and wanted to know which would suite her best. A crown would need me to remove a fair amount of irreplaceable tooth.  Even a veneer in this kind of situation would need some enamel removal. So I suggested to Jen we just replace the "filling" the newer generation composite bonding and see if she likes is.  To do this I don't need to remove nealry as much enamel from the tooth as I would with  a crown or veneer and if the result isn't to Jen's liking we can always move up to a veneer or crown. Jen was thrilled with the result.  The cost was much less than either a crown or veneer and was completed in one appointment.

bonding white filling by

I find this kind of cosmetic correction a lot of fun because of the immediate improvement I can provide. I especially like the reactions I get when my patients look in the mirror the first time!

Sometimes simple easy solutions to cosmetic problems are the best.

(p.s.- the after photo on the right was taken immediately after I finished polishing the filling.  It is well known that while a patients mouth is open the teeth dry out and lighten so the difference in Jen's two front teeth will lessen and be more like the left photo in a short  while after she left my office.

Dr Steven Rosenblat

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