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"Great things start with a smile!" Dr Rosenblat

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New tooth decay technology could end drilling at the dentist’s office!

Wow! Have we reached the holy grail of dentistry?

As a practicing dentist for over 30 years I've seen a lot of exciting claims come and go. A lot of them do not live up the the hype.

So lets look at the latest thing to make drill free dentistry just around the corner. in a story I read in the Toronto Star this week ( and identically reported in many other news sources because it is a "press release") King’s College London Professor Dr Nigel Pitts has reportedly developed a method " using electrical currents to help drive minerals into the tooth" . So what does this mean?

A cavity is a "hole" in a tooth.  This results from the bacteria living in the mouth on the surfaces of teeth, consuming sugars we eat and producing acids that removes the minerals in the enamel and dentine of our teeth  ( demineralization). Our saliva naturally counteracts this as much as it is possible between meals doing a bit of remineralization of the enamel and dentine.  But this is easily overwhelmed by frequently consuming lots of sugary things. Natural remineralization only helps superficial damage to the tooth if there is a rest period between meals. ( So snacking inhibits this).

When the decay damages the tooth enough there is a hole significant enough that the dentist needs a drill to get to and remove the soft mushy stuff that is there- decayed tooth. This decayed tooth cannot be remineralized. it must be removed and replaced with a solid replacement called a "filling". Think rust on an old car. You cannot turn the rust back to steel.

So what it sounds like Dr Pitts is proposing is a faster way to deal with the most superficial enamel damage that we would never drill out in any case. It will involve, as the press release says; monitoring.  We call them check ups. The "growing demand for pain-free, effective solutions to cavities" exists already.  Reduce sugars in your diet, proper brushing and flossing and regular dental care.

As you will also note they have formed a company for this product whose research has not as yet even been published to raise money to develop this new product. That is why your read this "article" which is little more that a press release to generate interest.

So don't get too excited, I seriously doubt this will change anything very much.

Dr Steven Rosenblat

Great things start with a smile!


New Ceramic Crowns....what a change!

I often have patients come to my office in Oakville asking to improve their smiles - but not change the way they look.  Their look is part of their personalitiy and they do not want too much change. Buy a few subtle  changes can go a long way.

 Mr H wanted to improve his smile.  While not prefectly straight, Mr H's teeth were strong and healthy.  Replacing his old bonding and adding two all computer fabricated creamic crowns using our new digital scanner allowed me to bond in place two of the latest generation ceraminc crowns that covered the discoloured teeth and gave Mr H a very natural looking result.

Dr Rosenblat,

If you would like to see if I can make a similar change to your smile call for a consultation appointment.

Great things start with a smile!

Dr Steven Rosenblat


What a Polar Vortex means for my patients....

Here in beautiful Oakville, just west of Toronto we are experiencing the Polar Vortex like everyone else.  Is it ever cold outside!  You can start experiencing frost bite on exposed skin in as little as 5 minutes. So here is a little advice I give my patients before I send them home after dental treatment in weather like this; if you have had local anaesthetic ( funny we often call it freezing!) you will not have feeling in some of your face.  Often this is accompanied by some drooling.  You won't feel the cold weather on you skin and may therefore be more susceptable to frost bite.  So if you have had dental local anaesthetic, do yourself a favor and stay inside at least until the anaesthetic wears off.

Keep warm, summer will be back!

Dr Steven Rosenblat


Fear the drill? I have a solution for you!

One of the most frequent comments I hear from my patients here in beautiful Oakville is that they hate the sound of the drill.  I need to use the drill to get access to, and remove decay in "cavities".  But there is an alternative available that I have been using quite a bit that can replace the drill for smaller cavities.  It's called "Air Abrasion".  So what is that?  Well to put it simply I use a special powder that is sprayed on the tooth with strong air pressure.  This will cut tooth gently, instead of using a drill.  Kind of like a sandblaster, but on a small scale.  When it is used instead of a drill, no anaesthetic or "freezing" is needed because it is PAINLESS. So why don't we always use this instead of a drill?  Air abrasion is only effective on shallow cavities. But lots of cavities are shallow and this is great for kids.

While this technology is great for cavities, we can't use it to prepare teeth for things like crowns. But it is a tool my patients really like. For a fact sheet with info on air abrasion click here.

Call us lets see if you can avoid the usual "drill".

Dr Steven Rosenblat

Great things start with a smile! 



Kids are fun patients...

Dr Rosenblat,