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"Great things start with a smile!" Dr Rosenblat

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Why we bug you to brush when you have braces...

Lots of kids are really good at keeping their teeth clean when they have braces and let me tell you it's not easy! But it is really worth the effort.  When food and dental plaque is not removed meticulously around braces the decay process starts.  Even if it does not progress to full cavities ( holes in the teeth) early decay makes the enamel white and blotchy where it is decalcifiying the enamel. This is the result of an acid attack- the bacteria in dental plaque produce acids that decalcify the enamel.  Where the metal brackets of the braces are attached to the teeth the enamel is undamaged so you get the typical look seen in here the photo.  Oh, and the gums react to the plaque too with fiery red inflammation and bleeding called Gingivitis.After spending the time and effort not to mention the cost to straighten teeth it can be heartbreaking to remove a child's braces and see what should be a perfect smile!

For this reason we highly recommend more frequent dental visits to help keep a childs teeth clean during orthodontic treatment

Dr Steven Rosenblat

Great things start with a smile!


Why take X Rays of children?

Well I'm sure most of you know that dentists take radiographs or "xrays" to look for cavities.  And of course we can often see infections in the bone around teeth on xrays too.  But another reason to take xrays of children is to see if their adult teeth are present, developing normally and if they are in the correct location.

This young girl is 9 years old.  Her mom was missing some upper teeth that never formed but her daughter is missing lowers!  Lots going on here and it can be confusing to look at.  There are many teeth developing underneath baby teeth. The arrows show the area where there are two adult teeth missing.  They never developed.

panoramic xray of a 9 year oldIt is important to know if all permenant teeth are present in children so we know if the baby teeth are going to be replaced by adult teeth.  If not, do we need to plan braces (orthodontics) to move teeth to close the spaces where adult teeth should have been or should we work hard to keep the baby teeth for the long haul.  I've had patients who have been able to keep baby teeth well into their 30's and 40's.  But sometimes they cannot be kept that long.  If we can keep a baby tooth until past 18 years old, if it fails we can replace it with a dental implant and crown, just as if the adult tooth had developed!  But knowledge is the key, if we know early, we can plan.

Now most of you reading this are not dentists and not use to looking at xrays so below I made an animation to show you what it would look like if this young girl had the two teeth developing properly.  Watch closely and you will see the teeth that should have formed flashing on and off.

Missing adult teeth animation