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Great things really do start with a warm healthy smile. Making that first impression, whether for that important job interview or first date, a warm smile is a great ice breaker.

Not everyone is blessed with smile they want and that is where today’s dentistry can help. With techniques like veneers, dental implants, orthodontics and tooth whitening your smile can beimproved to reflect your personality. But your smile alone is not enough. You need to be able to speak well and chew food comfortably too. So with the other conventional dental care we offer such as non surgical gum therapy, tooth coloured fillings, root canal crowns and bridges you can maintain good dental health to back up a great smile.

But to get to that warm healthy smile you need a plan. In order to make a custom plan that reflects your needs, we gather information – including your goals and desires- and do a comprehensive oral examination that includes radiographs, digital photographs and models of your teeth. We really want to get to know you and your teeth! Then together we decide on how to meet your dental needs in the most efficient way possible.

So if you have any dental concerns or want to improve your smile or dental health, please call andwe will be glad to help. And yes, we treat children too so the whole family is welcome! You can also visit my blog for new and interesting dental information.

We’re located right in your neighborhood. Oakdale Dental is on the second level of Hopedale Mall,- Rebecca and Third Line- where there is plenty of free parking.

I believe you deserve that warm healthy smile and I’d be glad to help.


Dr Rosenblat is located in beautiful Oakville's west end