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Partial Dentures

Replacing some missing teeth, the traditional way


When you are missing some, but not all of your teeth, one way to replace them is to use a denture that only replaces those teeth. A removable partial denture is a set of replacement teeth and gums made of acrylic and metal. The design of the denture, as well as it's stability and retention varies depending on which and how many teeth are missing. The partial attaches to the remaining teeth for stability by the use of clasps ("wires"), yet is still removable. 

This traditional way of replacing missing teeth has been around a very long time and was developed back when this was the only way to replace missing teeth.  Of course today we have more advanced, comfortable and life like ways to replace missing teeth; dental implants, but some people still opt for this type of replacement for missing teeth.


  • Relative low cost
  • able to replace lost teeth and gums
  • ease of daily maintenance- it's removable
  • can be fabricated quickly
  • stabilizes the bite and prevents unwanted movement of adjacent teeth into the space where the teeth are missing
  • teeth can be added to the denture if existing natural teeth are lost



  • difficulty adjusting to large foreign object in your mouth
  • speech and  chewing may be difficult
  • ability to taste foods may be affected
  • metal clasps or "wires" used to keep the denture in place by holding on to natural teeth may cause an esthetic problem.  The wires often show when smiling or speaking.
  • will loosen over time
  • may contribute to decay and gum disease if not cleaned well.  Soft plaque and food will accumulate and be trapped against natural teeth.
  • more prone to breakage.
  • needs replacement as the bone and gum in the areas of missing teeth shrinks away over time.