Cleaning & Shaping Canals

How we shape the canals from top down.


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Why Root Canal Therapy?

What dentists call Endodontics is know to everyone else as Root Canal. 

Teeth can become infected because of dental decay (deep cavities), cumulative effects of numerous fillings over time, or traumatic injury.  The tooth can still be alive (VITAL) but so diseased and inflamed that it is unable to heal. The dental pulp can also be dead (NON-VITAL). The debris and bacteria present inside can cause infection outside the tooth at the root tip. Root Canal Therapy is performed inside the tooth to remove the source of infection and inflammation causing pain and let the body heal the infection.


Access to the dental pulp in the hollow center of the tooth is gained by making an opening in the top (crown) of the tooth.




Cleaning and Shaping

The dental pulp (living or dead) and bacteria are removed by instrumentation and chemical cleansing.

To aid chemical cleaning and to allow “filling” of the canals, they are shaped in the form of a “funnel”, with instruments.

Obturation or Filling the Canals

The cleaned and shaped canals are filled with a rubbery material and a temporary filling is placed in the opening in the crown of the tooth.

Core and Crown

The now weakened crown of the tooth is rebuilt with a core restoration and protected by a fabricated crown.

As you can see, the crown covers and reinforces the rebuilt tooth.