"Great things start with a smile!" Dr Rosenblat

whitening your teeth can brighten your smile!

A common question I receive from my patients is: "Do I need to whiten my teeth?"  I can only reply:  "are you happy with your smile?" If not, tooth whitening is one of the most economical and safest ways to improve your smile.   The colour of your teeth is definitely one of the most important factors affecting the appearance of your smile and the one most people first think of when they want to improve their smile.

We can provide you with a custom made professional whitening treatment you apply at home at your convenience.


 Why have us whiten your teeth...why not just go to a whitening kiosk in a mall?

The tooth whitening process involves the use of a "bleaching" agent.   Before proceeding with whitening, we always ensure that you do not have any undiagnosed gum problems or untreated caviities as they are more likely to be a cause of sensitivity to whitening due to the  bleaching  agent used.  (of course our regular patients have already resolved any of these concerns).  In addition, we take into consideration the restorations (dental work) that already exists in your mouth- the crowns and white fillings you have cannot whiten, only natural tooth can change colour.  And depending on the shade your teeth are to begin with, you may need longer and stronger bleach to get a result or you may not be successful at all.  Occasionally I have to council patients that tooth whitening is not for them.  This kind of expertise is not found in a drug store or with a lay person in a white lab coat in al mall whitening kiosk.  They are not allowed to put their hands in your mouth and certainly cannot advise, diagnose or treat any difficulties you may encounter.


How it works...

We provide you with professionally made, custom fitted "trays" that holds the whitening gel uniformily against your teeth, for the duration of your whitening session. These trays, resemble athletic mouth guards except they are much thinner and more comfortable.  These trays allow for precise gel application and less waste than over the counter and other whitening systems.

You wear these trays (one for the upper teeth and one for the lower teeth) at home, either in the daytime or nighttime depending on your preference.  I have found most people like to wear them during the day when doing housework or just watching TV.  The daytime system means you have one to two whitening sessions for up to 1 hour each session.



In addition to the at home treatment we offer the option of in office whitening using the ZOOM System. 

ZOOM is usefull for people who need to have the whitening done faster.  ZOOM whitening lightIn usually just one session of 3 -15 minute whitening sessions using a much more concentrated whitening agent than the at home systems and using a powerfull light to activate the whitening agent, you can have a jump start fast whitening with results you'll see right away.  We still provide you with at home whiteining to finalize and improve the whitening attained in the office.


A first step...

Sometimes all you need to give you the beautiful smile you want is tooth whitening.  Often though tooth whitening an integral part of an overall smile rejuvination and something we always offer to patients when the goal is to improve the appearance of a patients teeth and overall smile.

Ask us if tooth whitening can help your smile!