"Great things start with a smile!" Dr Rosenblat

Your first visit to our office

A patient's first visit in our office is a special time for us.  We love to meet new people, hear all about you, show you how we can help you stay healthy or solve any dental problems you may have.  It's great to put a face to the voice on the phone!

When you make your first appointment you will be asked to download a Health Form to fill out at your leisure before you arrive.  People often forget to bring the name of medications they may be taking or their dental insurance information.  So when filling in forms at home this information will be readily available.

After you arrive and hand in your forms you will be shown in to see Dr Rosenblat.  But just in case he isn't ready for you, refreshments are available in the reception area.

When coming in for a complete dental exam, necessary radiographs will be taken as well as digital photographs of your mouth.  We don't want to miss anything that may be important!  Before examining your mouth, we will review the medical forms with you.  We want to know how you are and what your concerns are so we can address them specifically.  Then Dr Rosenblat will perform a thorough examination of your mouth and jaws.  The doctor will usually review all the x-rays, photos and his notes, so he can let you know how things look.  If treatment is required, Dr Rosenblat will review with you all the alternatives available with your  specific conerns or requests about your mouth in mind. 

This review of any treatment needs often is at a second appointment so Dr Rosenblat can do a thorough review of all the information we collected about your mouth.